Diamondback Fighting Championship is herein referred to as “event promoters”, and Norwood Football Club as “hosts”.

  1. Non-consumable products & service sales ARE permitted via your marquee. Examples; Gym, Martial Arts Clubs & Sports Club memberships, apparel, sports gear, fitness equipment, massage therapy & supplements are all permitted along with many others. If you are unsure if your product or services are permitted please email
    PLEASE NOTE; Massage oils &/or rubdown lotions of any kind are NOT permitted on the Oval to protect the playing surface.
  2. Marquee holders ARE permitted to decorate their marquee space as they wish (signage, video highlights screen etc) but must NOT damage the marquee, impede or aggravate any adjacent marquees & ensure their equipment, products & promotional decorations stay within their marquees designated 3x3m internal & 3x5m external parameters at all times.
  3. Marquee holders ARE permitted to use their designated internal or external space for demonstrations including but not limited to things such as exercise demo’s, Martial Arts Demo’s, dancing, reiki, massage etc. If you’re not sure if you are permitted to demonstrate something specific please email
  4. Marquee holders MUST ensure the playing surface is not damaged. Severe damage to the Oval will result in fees & charges from the hosts being absorbed by the Marquee holder.
  5. Due to COVID restrictions, FOOD & BEVERAGE sales are NOT permitted from ANY promo marquees.
  6. Marquees holders must NOT attempt to move their Marquee from the designated area. This will result in expulsion, no refund.
  7. Each marquee holder is responsible for any & all their own sales transactions that occur at the event. Any loss or damage of stock & equipment, loss or theft of monies or customer disputes are entirely the marquee holders responsibility, the event promoters & hosts WILL NOT be liable under ANY circumstances.
  8. If you require power you MUST purchase the POWER TO MARQUEE option during your marquee selection. Power cannot be shared by marquee holders & doing so will result in immediate marquee closure with no refund.
  9. Marquee set-up; if bulky items are required for your Marquee set-up (TV screens, trestle tables, large signage etc) these should be delivered & set-up in your designated Marquee on Friday 19th February 2021 between 10:00am-7:00pm (preferred) OR on event day Saturday 20th February 2021 STRICTLY between 7:00am-10:00am via Norwood Oval’s Woods St Gate at the North-West corner of the ground adjacent to Norwood RSL.
    PLEASE NOTE; The Event Promoter WILL provide security guards overnight on Friday February 19th to ensure no loss of property occurs.
  10. On event day (Saturday 20th Februrary 2021) Marquee holders MUST enter Norwood Oval with their allocated event tickets (NO TICKETS NO ENTRY) via the Woods St Gate at the North-West corner of the ground adjacent to Norwood RSL. If Marquee set-up has been completed the day before please arrive before 12:00pm to ensure you can utilise your Marquee for the entire day.
  11. Marquee operating hours are from lunchtime 12noon to sundown 8:00pm Saturday 20th February at which time all Marquee operations must cease. Marquee holders can cease operation of their promo Marquee anytime earlier if they wish.
  12. Marquee operators may pack-up & remove their belongings immediately after they close on event day OR anytime between 10:00am-3:00pm the day after, on Sunday 21st February. PLEASE NOTE; The Event Promoter will NOT be held responsible for any items still remaining after 3:00pm Sunday 21st February.
  13. ALL marquee holders/operators are subject to any SA Health COVID recommendations at the time of the event. This includes any social distancing within your designated area. The Event Promoter will assist you with ground markings & signage at your Marquee, along with COVID Marshals assigned to your area & up to date health information on the week of the event.